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Re: Friday weigh-in: the other FICO fitness thread

I am gluten intolerant.  it gives me a bad skin condition - diagnosed with psoriosis, but I think it is becaue of the wheat.  After the psoriosis spread to my joints, and my thumbs were in constant pain and swelling, I gave up gluten.  Now my hands are fine.  (Unless I somehow get gluten I didn't know about).  All wheat is gluten, though not all gluten is wheat.


I went to a dr. and she said she could test me for celiac disease, but it is so difficult to get a positive diagnosis (lots of false negatives), and I'd have to go back on gluten for a month for the test to even show up, that I am just assuming I may have it.


Without wheat, my moods are stable, no ups and downs - mellow yellow!  I have more energy, better digestion, better skin, and no joint pain.


I know I am dairy intolerant, too, as I had a food alergy test.  When I started dropping weight like crazy, I just kept it up.  Milk has so many hormones and things not meant for humans, that it is just wrong to drink it.  The dairy industry is big money and backed by the government, thereby - that's why all the huge commercials about how good milk is for you.


I really miss pizza and blue cheese dressing.

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