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Re: Child Support Woes
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More good news today, my friends.


Found out that DOJ ordered a medical support order for DH.  That means, he gets to pay an extra 200 a month on top of his support for her health insurance.  Mind you, she is too stupid (as I said previously) to even use the insurance.  Also, I could put her on mine FOR FREE!  Also he only had ins. ONE MONTH out of 2011 due to lack of hours.  He has to pay 8.00 an hour when he works prevailing wage all year for his ins.  When he doesn't have enough hrs, that money goes into his 401K.  (That thing builds fast).  That 401K got us our house.


Since DOJ failed to order the medical support the FIRST TIME AROUND, I canceled her on my policy bc there wasn't an order and I couldn't keep her on.


I have been trying to contact the caseworker since APRIL 28th by email and phone.  Had she gotten back to me, I could have gotten this "child" on my ins at no cost by May 1.   Now she has to wait til June to be on mine, meaning, DH is out the $200 for May.


AND, it is POSSIBLE, that they won't even allow us to change from his to mine.  If that happens, I AM GOING TO FREAK OUT and go to the mental hospital.


I know that I should be counting my blessings but I am too consumed with hate and anger.  I talked to the chaplain who works at my job, he said that the only thing I can do is forgive her to get the hate out.   He also said that we think that by hating we will poisen the hated, but we really only poisen ourselves and those around us.


Good advice is easy to give but definitely nearly impossible to apply.  Could you forgive this "child"???????  Does anyone have any easier ways to get the hate out than having to forgive?  (And yes I know forgiving doesn't mean I have to tell her I forgive her, but I do have to mean it in my heart). 


Already have my second grievance ready to go if they don't let us switch insurance to mine.  They will be in HUGE trouble because of their failure to put in the medical order prior to now.  It's a federal and state law.

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