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Re: Child Support Woes
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FrugalRican wrote:

Update, so far?

I'm intrigued.


And Booner, a lot of men don't fight the system because its set up as to where the "guardian" and child have most of the advantages.

And maybe, in a weird way, your DH might think that sending money to her might be the only connection he still has with her. I've seen it happen before, many, many times.


You said he's not even getting Father's Day cards so right now, the only thing he has is sending that money, even if she's wasting it away.

And people wonder why some men aren't stepping up and being dads anymore. The only way some can even contact their kids is to send them money. How do you expect someone to "be a man" when you take such drastic steps to minimize the importance of his role in a child's life?


What this "mom" and her brat are doing to this dad is a disgrace. Are we striking a blow for women's empowerment here? What is the reasoning for deliberately depriving a child of her father's love and guidance?


To the women who use their kids and/or enable them to do this to their dads, go ahead and pat yourself on the back right now. Your kid will be yet another spoiled menace to society looking for a handout, addicted to drugs, or pregnant with her 3rd child from a 3rd baby-daddy when your ex no longer has to support this so-called "adult".


I weep for what the American society has become. It used to be about relationships. Now it's about sapping as much money out of someone else as possible. Very sad indeed.


OP, hang in there and keep fighting. I dismiss the arguments that say "Well, at least you have SOME contact...keep paying".


BULL...that isn't "contact"'s a spoiled brat and her enabler fleecing someone they could care less about. The child will one day regret this. At THAT point, it will be useful to establish a relationship. It is not necessary to allow yourself to be drained into financial oblivion in the meantime.

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