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Re: Child Support Woes

Booner72 wrote:

Anytime between 11/12 and 12/12 the support will end FOR GOOD--- She is 21 on 12/12, but DOJ can begin the case closure anytime "up to 30 days prior to the 21st birthday"  (Do you know on their website is sayd that they sometimes dismiss arrears "To encourage the relationship with the child."    Well, they sure aren't doing anything for this relationship except make it worse.  What a joke!


I am able to switch her to my ins, but DH still out for May, due to their ineptness.  (Word?)


I have read that you should only file a grievance if it is a very serious issue - which I have one pending - I think I should add another one about this insurance b.s., too - but I don't want that to retract from our initial grievance about the stopping/starting.  If we go to court we have to PAY to go to court, which sucks.  I'm hoping that my appeal will call them to order the court date on their end.


Last night as we commiserated, I said, well, at least you don't have to pay for a wedding.  And the day the phone call comes that she needs bailed out of jail, or is abandoned in some other state w/ a broken down car, or other emergency, she isn't getting help from us.  DH finally texted her and told her that if she wants a dad or a brother in her life, she will stop this b.s. now.


However, I think we have more of a chance fighting DOJ than convincing her to stop.  (She didn't even reply to the text).  She's too busy reading all the news stories about how her brother is officially being charged as an adult for crimes so serious he would face the death sentence (but bc he committed the crimes at 16, he can't get that, only life in prison).  TRASH.  SAD, SICK, Depressing.....


Sorry for all the bad news, but as I said, this forum helps me get some of this out, and getting feedback is great, too.  Thanks for the support.  When the thread started, i was getting "hate" replies- now it seems that people are really "getting" how much b.s. this is, and how helpless we are to that "child" and the system.

The word you were looking for there is "ineptitude" - one of my favorites. Smiley Wink


A tough spot and a tough story, Booner.  Hope you both hang in there together 'til you get to the other side of it all, whatever the other side may be. 

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