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Re: Child Support Woes

aussiesareforever wrote:

I would look at it from this perspective. What is the worst imaginable thing happened? Just playing a game of what ifs. What if for some crazy reason she dies tomorrow. How would your husband feel? Would he still feel the same way about the $300? Would it be a non-issue at that point? Or would he still feel justified?

That is the way I approach most things. Just to help me realize how trivial many things in life are. I know it is very annoying but all in all, she is still blood and sometimes we just do stupid things for blood. 


My two cents.

I agree with you 100%.  Things like this are so trivial in the big picture, being mindful of that is the hard part.  Thanks for the advice.  I always tell myself I can get through Anything as long as my kids are healthy.  And my son is vibrant and healthy and energetic and fun loving and I love him so much.  That is what is important.

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