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Re: Prudential Financial stock - keep or dump??
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Davinci001 wrote:
Hello all,
My grandmother has about 66 shares of Prudential stock that she is thinking about selling.  I have been watching it for the last few weeks and it has basically stayed between 70 & 80 a share.
My questions is, should I sell it for her or hold on to it?
Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks

What it has done in the last few weeks is irrelevant to the question of whether to sell it.
Couple of questions to think about, though:
1) What kind of account is this in?  Tax-advantaged or taxable?
2) If taxable, what is her cost basis and how long has she held the shares (to determine potential tax liability)?
3) What portion of her total portfolio does this investment represent?  Is she well diversified in her other investments?
4) What sort of transaction costs (commissions) would be involved in selling?
5) Does she need the money right now?

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