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Re: Child Support Woes
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Tikon wrote:

Booner, reading through this whole thread I can't help but think your side of the story is seriously skewed. You sound overcome with bitterness and hate and it just doesn't make sense.


I would point out to everyone that there are very good reasons why someone in the daughter's position NEEDS the support from the parents.


When a child fills out a FAST for federal aid, they have to list their parents income. Depending on the parent's income this severely limits the financial aid they can receive. The only way around this is to file a special circumstances.


The accusation that she is not in school sounds dubious. You've thrown so many unrelated ad hominem attacks at this girl it's very hard to take your word for it.



You don't know anything about this family so I'm not sure why you are passing judgment. I think Booner has lots of reason to be upset. The daughter is happy to take their money but doesn't want any kind of relationship with the family. That is very hurtful. There are plenty of 20 year olds in college working hard to get themselves through school.The FAFSA thing is silly. My parents make a lot of money (a lot) and I still got fairly decent financial aid.


Ultimately, I don't think you should make such harsh comments about something you have no idea about and something that is not your business. This is a very sensitive family matter and we can all tell Bonner is very torn up about it. If you don't believe her, it is fairly easy to move on to a new thread without making a comment

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