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Re: Child Support Woes

Tikon wrote:

Booner, reading through this whole thread I can't help but think your side of the story is seriously skewed. You sound overcome with bitterness and hate and it just doesn't make sense.


I would point out to everyone that there are very good reasons why someone in the daughter's position NEEDS the support from the parents.


When a child fills out a FAFSA for federal aid, they have to list their parents income. Depending on the parent's income this severely limits the financial aid they can receive. The only way around this is to file a special circumstances.


The accusation that she is not in school sounds dubious. You've thrown so many unrelated ad hominem attacks at this girl it's very hard to take your word for it.

DH didn't give copies of his taxes for her student aid, he didn't have to provide income, sign any forms, etc.   If she is in school getting fin. aid, she listed income, she pulled it out of her arse or got it off an old child support court battle from 2005.  You think the school is going to take that?  This brings up another good point - if she is in school and getting fin. aid, how the hell did she get his info?  Forging documents?  Getting it via SSN behind his back?


OF COURSE MY SIDE IS SKEWED!  THIS IS MY SIDE!  And of course there are all sorts of things irrelevant to the child support directly, but it's the entire situation w/ this "child" that I'm fuming about.  Please don't read my posts or comment to me if you are going to be calling me a liar.    I know I will be putting you on my "ignore" feature.


Isn't there a rule here that if you can't say anything nice then you can't say it at all? 


There has never been any proof whatsoever that she is in school.  Period.  Nothing FB ever mentions classes or tests or anything.  Only partying.  And you think it's past her to lie about this?  It's not.

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