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Re: Child Support Woes

CreditCrusader wrote:

Tikon wrote:

people have certainly been passing judgement on the daughter and ex wife...


You have to admit it's not unusual (as in very common) for a new spouse to resent commitments made in a past relationship.


The FAFSA thing is NOT silly. My father offered no support to me, but during my college years I had a very hard time getting federal aid. I had to file special circumstances and it got denied several semesters because I had a father making 65k. For your information, any parent making 65K pretty much excludes you from the Pell grant. When I finally got classified as independent I received $7000 in grants (pell grant + science grant). The government EXPECTS parents to contribute. I'm a little shocked by some of the parents in this thread treating their kids like deadbeats for wanting support through college.

I put myself through undergraduate AND graduate schools without so much as a drop of help...while working a full and 2 part-time jobs...and my parents made so much I got virtually no FA. You know what? It wasn't THEIR responsibility to pay for MY college. That responsibility belongs to the student...but of course, this generation has become one that expects someone else to do for them. This is why what this ex-wife and her daughter are doing to this dad is such a disgrace. They are conspiring to sap him dry.


And these aren't "kids"...we're talking about legal adults going to college by choice. No wonder Pew finds that 54% of adults aged 18-24 currently have jobs. You speak of them as though they're elementary school children.


BTW, parent of 3 I know that of which I speak.

I totally agree.  I put myself through college, too, and pay the student loan payment every month.  I think this is part of what makes me so furiuos - it's so pathetic.  I would never have done that to my dad, ever.  I would have been too ashamed.
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