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Re: Friday weigh-in: the other FICO fitness thread

Thought I might as well jump in here too.. lol.. Now that I've done all I can do with my fico scores at the moment.


I am approximately 75lbs overweight. I was an obese child, think a 220 lb 14 year old. My family's eating habits are horrendous, but, I'm the only one who ended up obese, I guess that's genetic luck of the draw. My other 4 siblings who ate exactly the same and did the same activities are all within normal ranges.


I did lose the weight when I was about 17, got down to 145 lbs and had an active lifestyle, went rockclimbing, kayaked and worked as a dog food stocker in a warehouse which basically entailed lifting 40lb bags about 1200 times a night. I stayed close to that, hovering around 145-155 until I lost my job in 2008. Managed to stay around 180, but, then got pregnant, ended up on bedrest, had an emergency c-section ended up still on bedrest and then right when I was finally off bedrest my daughter ended up hospitalized for 2 weeks for a chronic kidney problem and I ended up living at the hospital and eating crappy hospital food for a couple weeks.

Basically, out of the last 2 years I've spent about 7 months on bedrest. = now I weight right around 216-220.


Unfortunately we're still renting from my parents who still eat horrendously. My mom's feelings get hurt and she makes life heck for everyone if I don't come over and eat the dinner she's made. She doesn't care about my health at all, even when I was on bedrest and on a reduced sodium diet she'd pick me up a Big Mac from Mcdonalds as a snack and then act really hurt if I didn't eat it.


Anyways, so, we're finally moving in the next couple weeks, have an apartment lined up in case our house deal falls through again. She's out of town for the next couple weeks, so, healthy eating has already started.


I'm not going to agonize about the scale for the next couple weeks. The most important thing to me is eating healthy for the next couple weeks to recover from the damage done eating my mother's cooking and then start measuring portion sizes after that. Exercise is off to a good start, lightly jogged 5 miles yesterday, not bad for my first attempt  in 3 years. My focus the next two weeks is going to be jogging 5 miles every other day, eating plenty of vegetables, quinoa, whole grain brown rice and lean proteins. I also want to fix my horrible coffee drinking habit and switch to just a couple cups of coffee instead of 10 cups a day and actually drink water instead.


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