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Re: Friday weigh-in: the other FICO fitness thread

Sounds like you are off to a good start Jennifer!


As for me, still +7.  And today, I hate to say, I ate one of those hostess raspberry pies and it wasn't even that good.  There were 33 grams of fat and 61 carbs.  I haven't eaten anything like that since February.  I got my new cookboo "The Healthy Glute-Free Life" by Tammy Creditoctt and have been living out of it.  No eggs or dairy in her recipes, either.  Problem is it is super expensive to stock up on the basics.  i want to get to the "baking" but for now just doing dinners.  Just made steak bites with the most delic. dipping sauce ever.


Plan on going back to the gym tomorrow.  (Though I say that all the time I mean it this time).  4:30 Spin.  I think that doing that x3 a week will shed the pesky 7 that won't go away, and eating the damn hostell didnt do me any good.  (My joints will feel it in about 2 more hours).


Also tried one of those delivery services where they deliver local and organic fruit/vegies to your door every week.  This one is about $25-30 a week w/ a 35 dollar a year co-op fee.  Got the first one w/o having to pay the fee.  Not sure if I will re-order, though it's a good price, some of the stuff I just wouldn't eat.  Spent 1/2 hour making southern style collard greens and nobody, me included, took more than one bite.

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