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Re: Child Support Woes

That's great news Booner!!!!!!!




And yes - child support is a hot topic and there are definitely different circumstances to each order.  I personally receive child support for my son (his dad sees him 1 time a year by choice for 5 weeks in the summer).  When my son goes to his dad's, as an ADULT, I mail the child support back to his dad for the entire duration of the visit.  Sure, it's not court ordered for me to do so, BUT, it's called CHILD support, not alimony.  My son is getting ready to need braces, and although it's going to cost me probably $5,000 out of pocket - I won't be asking his dad for any contributions.  Why?  Because I'm not a money hungry person.  I make a good living so there's no need for the arguements.


My DH and I have to pay $235/mo to my step-son's mother although our custody is a TRUE 50/50 split, because she chooses to not work.  Do I agree with that?  No...but I still mail the payment every month with a countdown of payment remaining (14 more and the car  kid is mine!!  j/k).  His mother finally obtained a job but refuses to tell us how much gross monthly pay she receives because she doesn't want the support lowered.  (Yes, she yelled at her son for telling us she was working). 


In your particular case - it seems to be that the daughter is strictly looking for a hand out....well, I have my own feelings on hand outs so I won't go there.  I believe in helping people that help themselves....not people that lie to get their way.

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