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Re: Child Support Woes

I think the main issue here isn't really about the CS or anything like that. I think it's about the fact that a 20 year old "woman" has no problem mailing in child support requests but yet, when was the last time she picked up the phone and said hi to  her dad? Or congratulated him on his new home that Booner worked so hard to get?

I feel like when our kids are small it is our responsibility to check on them, to call, to make sure they are okay. But once we reach adulthood we have a responsibility to call our parents.

My DH has three grown children. He was given custody of them when they were 11, 11 and 9. They are now 20, 20, and 18. Only one of the three calls him on a regular basis. The other two are "too busy" to call Dad. It hurts him and so it makes me angry. I don't want the one I love to hurt, no matter who it is.

I'm sure if Booner's stepdaughter made some type of effort to stay connected to her dad this wouldn't even be a topic of conversation at all.