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Re: You know you're obsessed with FICO when...
I pay for all three, quarterly monitoring here and scorewatch here and mycreditinform though capital one, I have paid for quizzle recently too and do not get out of bed without doing my daily update on creditkarma!!! I think I have spent about $150 in the past month alone on updated fico scores for tu and eq. Of course I'm attempting to clean up for a mortgage application and expect that in wont be so obsessed by the time I am finally living in my new home but who knows!!!

Starting Score: March 29, 2012 EX: 592, EQ: 549; TU: 557 - LENDER PULL
Current Score: June 2 2012 TU08 (walmart) 689, EX: ?, EQ: 649 (SW) TU: 679 (SW)
Goal Score: 720

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