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Re: You know you're obsessed with FICO when...

You know you're obsessed with FICO when...


     your sitting at the computer cussing and swearing and your SO thinks something serious has happened, but it's just that your statement hasn't cut yet and it's already afternoon on the day it usually cuts and now it might not update in three days but you've been counting down for your new balance to post to wring those few extra points out of your score... and your explaining this while your SO looks at you like you just might not be operating with a full deck anymore..



     your mood can be predicted by looking at your creditkarma graph. In fact, anyone can tell what your mood has been every day for the last month. "happy - sad - happy - blegh - happy- really sad" which = "score went up 2 pts - score went down 2 pts - score went up 3 pts - score stayed the same - score went up 1 pt - score dropped 6 pts"


     your spouse checks your creditkarma in the morning for you to see what kind of day he/she is going to have

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