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Re: Prostate Cancer - Consider Proton Therapy Treatments
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Uborrow-Upay wrote:

Well, it's been over a year since I first posted this info.  Hopefully, someone has benefitted from reading it.


One final, unabashed bump-up of the thread, and that's it.


Thanks to all of you who've replied, and more importantly, passed on this alternative treatment option to someone needing the information. 


I appreciate the mods and admins at for allowing me to use this venue to try and help others facing this very difficult decision on treatment of prostate cancer. 




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Hey buddy, 


Hope all is well with you still.  Haven't talked to you in a while.  I thank you for bringing this treatment to our attention.  I have passed it on to several people I know.  I don't think we should let this post go silent.  Lets keep it going on a monthly basis.  You never know when a new person coming into the forum will see it, and possibly need the help.  Take care my friend.   

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