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Re: Prudential Financial stock - keep or dump??
These shares are in a basic ESPP account (Computershare i think.. though she is not an employee.. she was given these shares by Prudential for having her insurance for basically all her life).  She is on a fixed income and the money could help her out, but she doesn't NEED the money per say.  She has had the shares since 2001.  She doesnt own any other stocks and doesn't know what a portfolio is.. lol.  As far as the costs, i think it is a 1 time 35.00 fee to sell. 
Basically, I just wanna know what you think about Prudential stock in general.  I mean with the market as shaky as it is, do you think its wize to sell now and take what she can get?  Or do you feel as though it would be worth her while to hold on to the stock and see what it does?
Prudential seems to be a pretty stable company and the whole sub-prime debacle didn't hit Prudential as far as I can tell (correct me if im wrong).