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Re: Child Support Woes

UPDATE:  The child support stopped again based on our objecting, and her not turning in proof, that she is in school.  What we WANT is credit back to March when it restarted and they ignored that objection.  It is possible that she doesn't reply because the forms they send are too complicated for her to understand that she needs to REPLY to the form.   (maybe?)  Mr. "Manager" says this happens often.


The manager we have is working w/ the college to get them to provide the info we are required by law to have, but the school won't give him any information as he is not allowed to have it.   He says they are trying to change the laws to prevent situations like ours, and he says that there are many others out there, especially with out-of-state students, going through the same thing.


Based on how the law works, we can continue to pay all the way til she is 21, without ever getting the grades and class schedules.    As long as she submits a form from the Registrar's Office to the Division of Child Support saying she is attending 1/2 time, they restart it.  Our recourse is to object if the school won't provide the info over the phone.  This has been done twice now.  (I'm assuming she is in school at this point).


  Mr. Manager even agrees that she is "playing games" and costing huge time and expense to the Division of Child Support as they have to re-do judgments every time she stops/starts  the support.


I won't get my hopes up this time that it's off for good.  I do know that in November we can apply for it to be permanently stopped as it is within the 30 day window of her 21st. 


Any bets on whether or not we get the three months credit?  Mr. Manager says "The lawyers are looking into it."

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