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Re: Timeshare and your experience

I am selling timeshare! Smiley Happy The timeshare is located at the Grandview at Las Vegas. You can trade it with RCI and travel the world! I own one bedroom, for one week a year in August. I am willing to sell it for $7,000.00. Honestly though, I don't think it is worth it.... Check out to see the boat I am in :-(


Note to Moderators: I'm not actually trying to sell anything on this website - just making a point.

05/12: approx 680 across the board
04/08 EQ: 730 TU: 748 EX: 718
03/08: EQ: 713 TU: ? EX: ?
12/07: EQ: 689 TU: 711 EX: 721