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Re: Timeshare and your experience

Timeshares are pretty much the biggest waste of money on this planet. That and the hassle to actually use it... makes me wonder why anyone thinks these are a good idea.

My father used to have one and was paying about $12,000 a year for that just to use one for 2 weeks. Are you kidding me? You could vacation for two weeks with far less than that.


He was actually able to sell his portion to someone else who wanted "more time" with the timeshare, so it worked out for him. He sold his portion at $10,000. He considered it a loss. I consider it a gain of $10,000. Forget it, not worth the time, the hassle, the money.


All I ever hear are horror stories concerning these.


Even my dad has his fair share of them. Confused dates. Payments not processing. Limited availability. Utilities not working properly.

I'd rather stay at a hotel/villa or other options for a full week or two over that.

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