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Re: Child Support Woes
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I wish I could say that this is over.  However, I am glad that I have this post because it gives me dates to refer back to.


Got her forms again - she's trying to restart.  However, she didn't send them certified mail.  Therefore, they must have gotten lost.  So when DHS restarts the new judgments, etc. AGAIN (4th time?  5th?) - we will object based on this.  That will put it off a while. 


Also, we never did get her transcripts from the college.   I dont think they even cashed the 5.00 check. 


Looks like the release she signed THIS TIME has the FERPA laws waived - That must have been the hang up.







ETA:  We didn't get the 3 months credit because I didn't have proof I sent the fax to them objecting.

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