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Re: Child Support Woes

Steelersfan904 wrote:

Booner72 wrote:

I wish I could say that this is over.  However, I am glad that I have this post because it gives me dates to refer back to.


Got her forms again - she's trying to restart.  However, she didn't send them certified mail.  Therefore, they must have gotten lost.  So when DHS restarts the new judgments, etc. AGAIN (4th time?  5th?) - we will object based on this.  That will put it off a while. 


Also, we never did get her transcripts from the college.   I dont think they even cashed the 5.00 check. 


Looks like the release she signed THIS TIME has the FERPA laws waived - That must have been the hang up.







ETA:  We didn't get the 3 months credit because I didn't have proof I sent the fax to them objecting.

Man that is ALOT of work. Geez, I feel your child support woes though I am fighting mine to hell. I have been trying for 5 years to get a modification and it keeps coming back closed because she won't send in her financial affadavit

What state are you in?  I think here if that happened, they would just go with whatever the other party said you made.  When we first moved DH was served w/ papers upping his support to almost 800 a month - that was based on what his EX said he made, and if he hadn't have appealed, then that just would have been what it was.


I am sure that there is a grievance or something you can do if you look into it.  She shouldn't be able to keep you in the holding for five years.  All the laws are online, get to work, man!   ah heck, I'll take on your case for you......she won't know what hit her.


And it is a TON of work.  Stepdaughter got lazy this time by not sending the forms certified.  We have 30 days to appeal once she restarts.  I'll wait 21 days to object...then she'll have no proof, then it will stop and I'm thinking it will have to backdate it (credit the account) to when the restart.  If the DIV was smart, they wouldn't even accept her documents without a certified mail receipt.  I talked to a neat guy today who promises he will end the support on the exact 30 day mark prior to the bday, he says he's never seen anything so ridiculous in all his years.


Good Luck!

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