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Re: Child Support Woes updated

For anyone out there who may care or has been following this story - we finally got her transcripts (Since trying to get her grades for a year).  She has a total of 21 credits after two full years.  Her gpa is 2.1.  She enrolls and then withdraws or fails.  She has not been in compliance AT ALL with what the Division of Child Support requires. 


  Last august 2011 when we first appealed, she had 3 credit  total, one F, and two withdraws and one C.    They refused to investigate our objection at that time.  Had either the school or the Div of support done anything to support us.....  She really knew how to work it, and I don't think she ever thought we would get our hands on her grades.

This infuriates me.  DH on the other hand, is just depressed because she is failing college.  It is taking everything I have not to send her a nasty message. 


This SHOULD be the last time I have an update this disastrous mess. 

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