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Re: Child Support Woes updated

I have read through all of this and all I can think is WOW!  The family law pratices aretruly messed up.  I have 2 step-daughters that are 16 and 13 plus 3 kids of my own.  The SDs live in another state with their mom.  We pay almost $400 a month in CS to her.  She lives with her mom who works and has a 3rd child that they tried to get us to pay CS for because they were not divorced at the time.  He did the DNA test and proved he wasn't the father.  He gets a letter every few years saying they are going to increase the CS to almost $700 a month based on his income.  We have to go through all the paperwork to keep it the same.  He had over $15000 in back supprt when he was first ordered to pay.  He didn't pay "child support" before that but he did pay for thier clothes, shoes and school supplies plus gave her money for food from time to time so they were taken care of.  She has no job and hasn't worked since she moved in with her mom.  DHS has investigated her 3 times and finds her to be "fit" everytime although one report sent to us indicated she was buying alcohol and cigarettes for the teenagers she was hanging out with (at the age of 30!).  They also found head lice on the kids. Well that one was no surprise because I had to treat them for lice EVERY summer and Christmas for 8 years straight because she was to lazy to do it.  


Ok so I rambled on a little. Hopefully you can get it all taken care of.  We are looking at paying for the youngest for probably 6 more years and the oldestw e still have to pay until she graduates High School. She will be 19 at the time.  If she goes to college we have to pay until she is 21.  We wanted to try for custody but we need better living situation first and that seems to be out of our reach for the time being.  

Best of luck to you.