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Re: Child Support Woes updated

Good Luck, gunmama....we have also called DHS down there.


There is no family court to go back to!  Never married.  In our state, you can just file for support and support is it's own division. No one saw a judge, ever.


But guess what, it started again retro to 7/24.  I KNOW!  A child support lady I talked to today told me I have been barking up the wrong tree, that we should have been going after the school.  See, Stepmonster had the registrar's office (Or she had someone in the registrar's office) Stamp their sig that she is currently enrolled and currently making passing grades - that was dated 7/13/12.  She hasn't been in school since the end of April.  So the school shouldn't have signed that form.   Classes don't begin until 8/24.  So they can't legally say she is passing until she has been in class long enough to get teacher prog notes.


I have an email in to the head registrar and the president of her school w/ a copy of the document, saying HEY....You are verifying false information and we have to pay for it.  If I can get a letter from the school saying they stamped that in error, the support will stop and backdate.  And the term in 2011 when she only had 3 credits (failed 2, dropped 1), and they verify she wasn't passing or 1/2 time during those 4 months, I'm hoping for a credit there, too.  I'm definitely raising a stink, titleing emails "____ State College Forged Documents"  etc. and sending the email to all high up names I can find (A trick I learned here rebuilding my credit).


It is interesting because the form doesn't have a date stamp or anything.  The stepmonster's writing is everywhere, including handwriting in the registrar's name, the only thing about it is that it has the stamp of the registrar's name in the signature line.  It isn't a certified document or anything.  I have a feeling I might get somewhere this time.


Child support also did not read their backnotes, and sent another medical support order to DH's employer, so today they had to send out a cancelation of that order bc I have her under my insurance!! What a waste of their time.  I also learned that Mr. Manager is in charge of our case. 


In my widlest fantasy, she gets busted for forging the form and we get all the support back, taken out of her mother's arrearage that we owe!  And this is definitely not out of the realm of possibility, but unlikely with our luck.  My biggest supporter at work told me today I fought a hard fight, but it's time to hang up the towel.  I told her no way.  We are fighting to the finish.

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