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Re: Americans READ!

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So basically i was doing some Google searching and found out that i do not need to be outsourced to India call offices any longer.  When ever you call a number that is outsourced to India or oversees offices that is all you have to say is "Please transfer me to American Offices" and they have to transfer you to American offices which can better assist you because you speak the same dialect!! 


This helped me and i have tried it with every single person i have called today Including EQ/TU/EX and all transfer me to American call offices which seem very eager to help than oversees ones.


Just thought i would add this to here so people can experience my happiness also!!. Calling 1(800) numbers are no longer a pain!!

While many companies will do this, they by no means are required to. There is no law that says that have to, but many companies realize that their customers want to talk to someone in the same country. I know for example dell computers used to offer a special Customer Service plan whereby for $200 you could have unlimited access to american based customer service for a year. 


That sounds like a complete waste of money. $200 just to talk to an American customer service rep?????

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