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Recently i called myFICO to see if they offered a discount.  Well they do and i would have never known if i wouldn't have asked YMMV offcourse.  The reason i say that is because they didn't exaclty say why i was getting a discount but that i could.  I was astonished that i could have been saving this whole time and the rep didn't even tell me that i was eligible for one without me asking.


How i got it?

1) call up and just ask really that is it that's why YMMV.

Question i asked - do i apply for a discount or is there one avaliable and she said yes we can discount your score watch to $9.95 Smiley Happy


EQ S.W discount new price $9.95 a month for 6 months gauranteed.  

Take advantage before it's to late. 

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