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Re: Intervention

Booner72 wrote:

BigDaddy18 wrote:

It's not possible it's like crack once you have a taste you can't wait to get your next fix, soon you will be compeled to tell everyone you know about their Fico Score and how they should be manageing thier money and bills like a snotty know it all!!


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True ....and...BEGGING people to let you see their reports and help them get better scores.  Explaining that online scores are FAKE, going on and on.....I've settled down some, wait...I can't say that.......I just did it yesterday!

HOLY CRAPPP!!! and i thought i was the ONLY one hahaha. i found myself doing this exact thing the other day. a co-worker was talking about how he wanted to build his credit bc he was just out of bankruptcy but had no idea how. 30 minutes later i had him applying for a cap1 card ( i know i know, dont hateSmiley Happy ) amd he was approved lol he was so excited it reminded me of when i was a kid at christmas. i never would have known how to help him if i had not become a FICO *ADDICT*

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