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Re: Child Support Woes updated



This is probably going to sound unbelievable.  And if you are all PM'ing each other out there about what a crock this is, I assure you, it's not, and I can prove it.


Stepdaughter and the Registrar lady have been IN CAHOOTS!  I have in my possession three emails that are total lies from the registrar trying to cover up her other lies.  The support is suspended again retro the day they restarted it on the 24th and won't let her even apply to restart it again until she is well into the next term and someone LEGIT can prove she's in class.


Mr. Manager has been working this case for 2 days and is calling the college to figure out how ANY college can say "satisfactory academic progress" is 28 credits in 2 years, and a 2.whatever GPA.  (2.1?)


I have emails into Registrar's boss with the documents I allege in this post proving that they have been doing this to get SD support for the past 18 months or more.


We have requested reimbursement on the behalf of the college for the 3600 dollars we have spent.



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