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FicoTron's 500th Post

I have to say, that after 2 years of scouring these forums for helpful info I am glad to say in my 500th post that it has helped me in my journey of bringing my starting scores of TU-518 EQ-507 EX-515 and measly starter cards Orchard and Crap1 to TU-729 EQ-725 EX-774 and nice Amex Gold and Amex BCP cards.  I hope my contributions here, weather in the student loan forum, or mostly in the credit forum have been noticed. I thought that now since I have rebuilt my credit I would shy away from the boards, but no, I find myself visiting on the norm.  So thanks everyone and good luck on your credit journeys.

EX-774 (Amex Fico) 8/12
EQ-725 (Fico) 1/12
TU-729 (Fico) 3/12