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Best Buy Camera extended warranty help

I bought a Sony TX1 digital camera from Best Buy in Oct '09. Paid $379.99 + $119.99 for the extended warranty. The camera has issues so I brought it in today. The customer service person looked at it and said they are just going to replace it. But, it isn't dollar for dollar like it used to be. I can get something that is kind of equal to the old one. Granted it's still better but not one that now costs $379.  The cameras that they showed me are between $119 and $199.  I don't feel good about this! I feel like I paid $119. to cover my $379. camera so I want another one in the same price range. The TX1 was high on the scale then and now they are showing me regular cameras. Anyone else experience this and any suggestions on how to get the most for the dollars that I spent?  

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