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Re: Best Buy Camera extended warranty help
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I was expecting a camera that cost the same as the one that I purchased in '09. That's what happened when I bought the one that I was returning. Camera one had issues so they gave me a full value credit of almost $400.00 so I bought my current camera. Had that for almost 3 years and it developed a few issues. When I bought the extended plan, I was told it would work the same way.  


I went in and took care of things today. The customer service rep wouldn't budge and neither would the manager. I contacted the corporate office for Best Buy and worked by way up the ladder. Ended up with their public defender that put a call into the store. When I went back, I was given a credit for $300. Not what I should have received based on what I was told 3 years ago but more than they were origionally going to give me. So I through an extra $50. in and will be getting a Sony TX20. My old TX1 was great. The new one will blow it away. Overall, I'm satisfied. And I didn't go for the service plan this time. I'm all set with that! 


If they didn't budge, I was prepared to contact the local TV station (call for action), spread the word online, go into the store to advise customers once in awhile and might have even owned a website with the words Best Buy in it.  I was right here and sticking to it until things got done.

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