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Re: good credit card wallet.

This is my wallet...a Guess bifold....I had a money clip originally that I got from a bar here (Captain Morgan branded) but I couldn't fit any of my cards in there anymore because I'm one of those people who insists on carrying EVERY card I own...all my credit cards, all my debit cards, all that good stuff. I should really consolidate into one bank since I have like 9 debit cards now that I rarely use. 






(I think this picture should be fine since all of the actual card details are covered by my wallet, if not, sorry mods, feel free to remove) :smileyvery-happy:


It started bulging because I still have too many cards in there, I think I may just stop carrying all my debit cards with me since I never use them (except my paypal which is connected to smart connect) This wallet was cheap anyways, got it at macys and I paid my sister in cash and she used her macys card that she just opened and it was 20% off, ended up coming out to I think..15 dollars or something. It's a little bulkier than my money clip but at least it fits everything.