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Mowing rant!

This is just a rant!


Our next door neighbors asked us to mow their lawn.  Technically, they asked our college bound son if he would like to do it to earn some cash, since they were going to be gone for a month.  College bound son has already bounded away, so we said we would take care of it, no problem.  (We planned to do it for free, like good neighbors.)


DH is over there mowing their yard and another neighbor comes barreling up in his truck, demanding to know what the hell we are doing!   He finishes yelling at DH (I guess - I was inside putting on my shoes when I heard the raised neighbors voice) and slams on his brakes in front of me.  I had gone out to talk to them, but since he left DH in a hurry, I just stepped back where I was....neighbor slams on his breaks and demands to know why we are mowing the neighbors yard for free and stealing his income!!  He says he always mows both yards for the last twelve years and we are stealing his money!   


1.  I know my neighbors mow their own lawn unless their mower is broken.   It's happened once in the last 5 months.  2.  I have lived her for 3.5 months and the guy has never mowed my yard.  In fact, the last time he did it was about  a month before I moved in.  He wanted to charge me $70 to mow a small portion of it (just a path around the house).  I told him no, I couldn't afford $70 a week, every week in lawn growing season.


So now that guy is very angry with us and made it clear we are now enemies.  It was in the way he said, "Welcome to the neighborhood."   And it's been in his actions prior to this - I would not pay him $300 to mow my yard (the whole thing), or pay him $70 to mow a path around the house, or pay him a huge hourly wage to do some small projects around the house.  


I have tried...I really have.   I asked him to do three small projects around the outside of the house.  He wanted $270 an hour just for labor for one project.  I said no.  He never did the other two projects.   Two of the three projects took an hour to do, each.  The third one will be a bit less.  As for the rest of the things - he doesn't have the equipment to dig holes and he won't do them by hand.  And he doesn't do electrical.  So how the heck am I suppose to be neighborly and throw work his way?  And he won't sell me his beef, or chicken eggs, or fertizlier.  He offered the first two to me and when I said ok, I will take a few, he never came back with the stuff.  Ok....


Anyway, anyone have suggestions for dealing with this neighbor?   We get along with everyone and never intended for there to be hurt feelings.  We were doing right by one neighbor.  And I know that the other neighbor was NOT mowing their lawn every week and charging them money for it!   I know becuase I watched the owners of the house mow their own yard!