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Re: Mowing rant!

Thank you for the response.  I feel a little better.   I found this out after I had posted.  The angry neighbor went home and immediately called the away on vacation neighbor. I don't know what was said, but there was some yelling and screaming and accusations from the angry guy to the absentee home owners.   They told him the same thing I had - that the angry neighbor had been too busy (which he was to even take their call or return their call) and it was a one time thing.


Thank goodness this is anonymous!  If anyone knew who I was, or who the other parties involved were, I would not be posting!


Doesn't it cost the HOA to send a letter?   Do they go and get photography proof of the problem before sending the letter?   I am not sure what it would be like to have an OCD neighbor.  I applaud you for keeping your sanity.