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Re: good credit card wallet.

creditnocash wrote:

i went to men's wearhouse today and nothing good. 


i havent had rebuilder cards but store cards. 


i need a wallet for at least 


insurance(last time i went to the doctors or hospital for myself was over 5 years ago)

4 cards(mc,mc, freedom, zync) 

5 store cards(but will most likely just sock drawer these) 

which fyi every place ive tried if i dont have my card they can look it up at the register via social and id. (which is kinda crazy)

Try Nordstrom Rack... They have awesome wallets that normally sell for around 100 bucks for about 30 dollars... I got my last one there and its awesome.. holds 11 credit cards PLUS my Id... and two folds for cash and two receipt holders... awesome wallet..Bosca Essentials Wallet.. you can find it on but its about 70-90 bucks on there,,

Goal: 700 and an Amex Card!

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