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Re: Mowing rant!

OK, I am the HOA president!  Its a truly thankless job.  In 4 years, most of which I have been on the board, I have only complained once Smiley Frustrated, recently because the garbage was litterally to the ceiling on somones porch, right accross the street from the sales models.


I realize that some HOA's are like mentioned, I have a friend who was written up because she had an empty pot on her porch (it was actually a hose pot) in another subdivision.  That is why I am on the HOA...because I don't want it out of control, and because no one else will do it (except the developers). 


So, for those of you who moan and groan them, try attending a meeting or two...its really frustrating when you are trying to make changes for the better (ie correcting some parking issues to allow people to park in their own driveway) and you can't get enough people to vote.


Not trying to vent, and I know there are some real power trip people on HOA's, but for the most park, just people trying to do their best (although it does remind me of a few Frasier episodes!).

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