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Dell Financial - Paid Off

Didn't want to post this on facebook but had to get it out of my system.  

My wife signed up for a Chase Slate at the end of August so we could use it to pay my Dell Financial off (from a previous relationship and I have been man enough to pay it every month).  After a few weeks of dealing with the bank and some pretty upset nights not knowing if this will work since her account was so new I called the bank tonight and got them to transfer the entire balance 1700+ to her slate card with 0% interest until December 2013.  Now I am going to save over $600 and just pay this off which will look good on her credit.  I am (a) so thankful for this woman to be in my life and (b) so thankful that this has happened to me.  I have been working my ### off to get where I am and that bill have not haunted me every month.


This just shows that changing your life for the better putting forth the right effort and staying on track pays off.  It might take a few years of growing up sucky jobs with terrible hours and saying no to your friends on the weekends but man tonight has been a great night.

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