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myFICO website needs spell check
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I'm just someone who tries to help people understand their credit score.  I'd love to send them to this website, but silly things keep me from doing so.  Here's just one page in need of some professional proofreading:  (follow-up edit: the page was fixed after my post, so I removed the link and examples...they were a bit embarrasing).  I'd love to help you, but I can't email or offer feedback to you in any meaningful way unless it's about my personal score/account.  If you monitor these forums at all, hopefully you'll see this and make some changes.   Come on myFICO. For a major corporation, this is really bad.  Simple spelling errors on your site make you look indifferent at best, incompetent at worst.  Given how the accuracy of your work affect the lives of millions, things like this should be incredibly important to you.  You should be "all about the details."  Hire a good proofreader  It shows that you take your work seriously.  (Funny thing: there is "spell check" option on this message box.  Hint, hint.)