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How young are you?
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I have always wondered how many people there are on this forum around my age? i know some people mention it but i dont really pay attention so i would like to know who is, lets say 23 or younger, and what are your goals at this point in your life? I think the younger you are with good goals, the better you will be later on in life. I'll start it off.


Im 20 years old, started building my credit at age 18. I have 2 cap 1 cards, a Chase Freedom and an AMEX BCE, along with a 48 month auto loan for my used 2006 G35 at 1.98%.

Income : 41k


My goals include, buying a home for myself by the time im 21 and getting a Chase Saphire Preffered. Once i get the CSP im done getting cards.


So now lets hear what you guys have to say!   Smiley Happy

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