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Re: How young are you?

I forgot to give my credit journey which started with SL's (ack!) At the guidance of my dad, he told me to set the loans up to pay interest while I was in school and he would take care of the interest payments. A year into school, I started seeing letters in the trash when I would go home addressed to me that my interest payments were late/60 days past due etc... From there on out, I got a 2nd PT job to pay the interest (on top of the first PT job to pay my living expenses) and took over my finances completely which the best move I ever did. Luckily, the companies I had the loans under, never reported the loans as late. I did have one "late" that was never actually late because that was after I took over my finances and was able to get it removed. Seeing irresponsibility around me, gave me the drive to do things the right way. Never trust someone else with your credit I guess is the lesson I learned.

I actually did not get my first CC until 2 years ago which was my Zync. Before that, I used my ((everyone cover their eyes)) DEBIT card! After having my Zync for almost two years, within the last 2 months I acquired the rest of my cards in my sig.

In my wallet: Amex PRG & Zync, Amex BCE (19.2k), Chase Freedom (5k), PSECU Visa/PSL (20k)
Current Scores: Equifax: 738 (Fako) TransUnion: 721 (Fico) Experian: 717 (Fico)
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