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Re: How young are you?

Hey guys!


I am a 21 y/o soon to be father of 2 (daughter due in Novemeber). I have been financially dependant since 19 when I had my first son with my wife and until last year simply used cash for everything. I have worked full time while going to school full time for a while now, and looking to complete my undergrad and go into my masters should I get accepted into a good enough school (hoping to get into UPENN PhD program that extends from masters). I see now how valuable credit is, as now trying to get a home loan with little credit history is killing me! I have made huge strides though and I am looking to purchase a house come December-January.


My goals include completing my undergrad,  getting a home for the family, new car for myself (not brand new as I would only buy a mildly used car) and maybe getting a couple cards for stores that I frequent!

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