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Re: How young are you?

CS800 wrote:

4us- wrote:

I wish I had found this forum when I was 18.  It would have saved me a lot lot lot of drama and bad decisions. 


I'm 32, no CC (currently in bk, hence the wish for earlier credit education).  My plan is to buy a home as soon as I can...2 or 3 years down the line.

You're in the right place for your rebuilding journey. In the last two years on here with the knowledge and help of the members, I have made tremendous progress.


Knowledge is Power :smileyhappy:

Knowledge IS power.


I have the same sentiments as you 4us. 33, bk almost five years ago. Wish I had known half the things I know now back then. However I think I've done pretty well with my rebuilding and I'm proud of what I have been able to acheive through self discipline, determination and a lot of grace :smileyhappy:



BK in 2008, after making very stupid financial decisions.

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