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Re: How young are you?

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Are you still going to school? And what line of work do you do to be making 41k as a 20 years old. I'm impressed since I'm almost 20 and no way close to your credit score or income lol. Well I hope as soon as I graduate to find a job and get my own house. That's the plan! Also to be near the mid-high 700s

Ill be going to school for the rest of my career im sure! Im an IT technician, and this field is always changing with new certifications coming out all the time. Ive always been good with computers since i was little. Im very lucky to have the job i have, and actually interned at my job for a whole year after school and on weekends for free before they gave me my paid position the day after i graduated high school!.


Im real surprised to see how many younger people we have in here! I try to talk to all my friends about credit but they arent too interested in it right now. Im lucky to have found this forum!   Smiley Happy


Oh nice I'm pretty good with computers too, but I never thought of becoming an IT tech. At least I now know the pay would've been good lol. I used to work for a small computer/laptop repair shop, but the boss was horrible and so was the pay (commission based only!). What do you plan on majoring in? I'm stuck with a minimum wage job for the past year already.. I need to upgrade not that I'm worried since I'm mainly focusing on school at the moment.

If i go back to college it will be for computer science. I have some general ed from a local community college but idk about going back. I mean with experience and certifications i can get alot of jobs i actually applied for another job to see what the pay would be like and when i went for the interview they offered me 22/hr but no 401k match or paid holidays. I love the company im with. I will continue to get certs mostly more cisco certs and my earnings will just keep growing.


What are you majoring in/ planning on doing?

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