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Re: How young are you?

21 here. 

started my journey (apping at 16 lol) obviously all denied. 


current stats. assoc degree in comp sci. 

on hatius going back in jan for a double major in comp sci and business. 

working as a full time banker annual hourly rate based on 40hours per week. not incl bonuses is 32k pre tax. and bonuses cap at 16k a quarter and 60k for the year. 


current line up that im proud to have. is 

best buy store card(lol) chase freedom, and amex zync. 


Current: Discover Fico 689 8/14 Walmart Fico 697 8/14

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2014 Goals:
Lower Utility

Amex Zync(Unicorn)
Chase Freedom$1500
Discover IT$2900
Citi Diamond Preferred$6000
Citizens Mastercard$7000