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Re: Prostate Cancer - Consider Proton Therapy Treatments

Uborrow-Upay wrote:

Prostate Cancer - If you, your spouse, or anyone you know has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, I want you to know that there is an alternative to surgery or damaging types of radiation therapy.  It's called proton therapy.   But it's not for everybody...the cancer must be confined to the prostate, and there is a time commitment involved, as well as possible financial commitments.  Most insurances will cover this treatment option, though.  


Please Google any term referencing protons or proton therapy as a treatment option for prostate cancer.  Proton therapy has been available in a hospital setting for over 20 years now in the United States, but the chances are good that your doctor will never tell you about this option for treating your prostate cancer (or that of a loved one). 


I've interviewed over 150 men with prostate cancer diagnoses.  Out of them all, only one man's doctor told him that proton therapy was an option for the treatment of his prostate cancer.  Surgeons recommended surgery, and radiation oncologists recommended radiation.  As there are a limited number of facilities offering proton treatment, this option was never mentioned to 149/150 of the men I've spoken with.  


Most of the men I've spoken with were made aware of this treatment option by searching for treatment solutions themselves on the internet. Most also received negative opinions from their doctors when asked about protons as a viable treatment option. 


The Mayo Clinic has recently announced that it is building two separate facilites for proton treatment, at a cost of over $385 million.  This is after years of clinical studies to prove effectiveness of treatment.  There are eight other operating proton facilities in the US as of this time (Mayo Clinic's facilities may take another two years to get up and running).


This is not an ad of any kind, for any one place or for any one type of treatment.  It's a heads up for anyone suffering the anguish of how to deal with prostate cancer.  You need to know all of the options available to you, including proton therapy treatments, and then evaluate them for yourself. 


Sometimes, the treatments offered are much worse for the quality of your life than the disease itself, and there are better alternatives if you look for them.


For anyone here affected by prostate cancer, please feel free to PM me at any time.




Disclaimer:  I'm not a doctor.  Do not take any advice I offer.    But don't just accept a doctor's advice, either.  Do your own homework, ask questions, and get as many opinions as you can from professionals...research things on your own.    You've got to decide things for yourself, but I'll be happy to share my personal experiences at any time.  Your treatment decision affects the rest of your life.




P.S.  This is not a cut-and-paste article from anywhere.  I wrote this myself, today.  It's a "pay it forward", as well as a "pay back for prayers answered".  So, now you know.



Note:  I've edited my original post somewhat for greater searchability, in hopes that this message gets out to as many folks as possible who are looking for treatment alternatives.     

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I reprise the original post in the hope that even one person, somewhere, will benefit from this information.