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Re: How young are you?

pickles1 wrote:
Not in your age group but very happy to hear all your plans. Goals got me where I am. Credit score could be better but now at 752, 42 years old, single, 300k a year, in sales, paid for new Cadillac this month, only debt is 100 k left on house of 300k house, kid grown and on her own, no college ed. My current goal is to pay off house by end of 2013 and buy house at the coast before interest rates go up.

I want to buy a house before rates go up too. My dad is a loan officer and calls me everytime rates drop, he keeps telling me it wont be like this for long and its a great time to buy im sure he just wants another loan! haha im kidding. Im kinda nervous though, we shall see. September and October im playing around with my 401k contribution to see where my take home pay is at with different percentages and i must say its pretty fun.


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