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Re: Packing/moving while working 50+hours/wk? VENT!
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Have a painting party!  Smiley Happy    And don't forget the candles - becuase instead of painting by numbers, you will be painting by candles.  Smiley Wink


Seriously, don't sweat it.  Lamps work great  until you have the time to install light fixtures.


As for painting, do a room at a time and don't sweat it.  So what if you have to wait a few months. 


I have my own hideous yellow paint partially done in the bathroom.  (Previous owners did a poor job and actually stopped before finished.)   Yes, this bugs me a lot!   So I have partial dirty yellow and I have drywall mud white.   I still haven't had time to paint the bathroom.   But I will get to it eventually.  I moved in June.   And due to a problem with closing, it was pushed back and I actually went to closing and then went TDY immediately after leaving the closing.  I didn't even get to see my new place for a week.  Smiley Sad


And then my moving vehicle was in the shop for another week after that...long story short, I ended up moving myself, in so many daily trips before work and after work (the drive was 2-4 hrs one way) and not getting to the cosmetic stuff in the house.


Lots of us have been where you are now.  Take a deep breath and don't worry about getting it all done right away.  Also, ask friends/family to help out.


Congratulations on your new house!  Smiley Happy