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Re: Packing/moving while working 50+hours/wk? VENT!
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Have a painting party!  :smileyhappy:    And don't forget the candles - becuase instead of painting by numbers, you will be painting by candles.  :smileywink:


Seriously, don't sweat it.  Lamps work great  until you have the time to install light fixtures.


As for painting, do a room at a time and don't sweat it.  So what if you have to wait a few months. 


I have my own hideous yellow paint partially done in the bathroom.  (Previous owners did a poor job and actually stopped before finished.)   Yes, this bugs me a lot!   So I have partial dirty yellow and I have drywall mud white.   I still haven't had time to paint the bathroom.   But I will get to it eventually.  I moved in June.   And due to a problem with closing, it was pushed back and I actually went to closing and then went TDY immediately after leaving the closing.  I didn't even get to see my new place for a week.  :smileysad:


And then my moving vehicle was in the shop for another week after that...long story short, I ended up moving myself, in so many daily trips before work and after work (the drive was 2-4 hrs one way) and not getting to the cosmetic stuff in the house.


Lots of us have been where you are now.  Take a deep breath and don't worry about getting it all done right away.  Also, ask friends/family to help out.


Congratulations on your new house!  :smileyhappy: