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Re: Where will you be in four years?

Interesting question, particularly since I am coming up on the 4th anniversary of a life-changing decision/experience which led me down the path where I am today.


In 4 years from now, I will be 51 years old and mother of 4 adults (youngest will be 18 then!).  Fairly certain the youngest 2 will stay with me for awhile into adulthood and I'm OK with that; they're pretty neat people and our house that we are supposed to close on this week is built with that in mind.


I will have moved at least once within my company and will be considering going back to school for a PhD as I am a glutton for educational punishment.  I will be working on the 2 books I have in process now (not novels, I'm in no hurry to finish them, might become part of the PhD thing).


800 FICO (hey, a girl can dream!), relatively little debt, although if the price is right, there may be a new car in there around that time. 


The biggest thing, though, as a PP said, was to be happy and share as much joy as I can. I'm very blessed to be in my job and my industry where opportunities abound for that.

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