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A Long IRS Story, be patient

My sister has two children, a girl and a boy.  When she divorced, she took the girl and the husband took the boy.  Three years ago the ex was sentenced to prison for child porn.  He served three years and was released this May.  The son moved in with my sister for 3 years.  (He's 18 now)


Now, the IRS is asking her for PROOF that she had the care of her son for two of the years b/c the ex's g/f claimed him for the year he was sentenced.  She has provided the IRS with school records, copies of her dl showing she resides in the district.  They're also questioning the earned income credit for her daughter for 2009.


She supplied them with EACH and EVERY piece of information they required, now they have refused to accept this proof.  They sent her a bill for 14,000 b/c of the loss of earned income credits.  The housing she resides in, you can ONLY reside in if you have children in the school district as it's government subsidized.  She works, earning $14.00/hour.  She cannot afford a tax attorney.  


How can she fight this?  The IRS keeps adding interest's just getting larger everyday.